Application instructions

Before we start

Please read carefully the following instructions, they provide essential details in order to complete your application.

Step 1: Application form

Carefully fill up and submit the application form 

Step 2: Documents to Bring

prepare your documents for a formal interview, please read carefully the following documentation guideline:

NOTES: Failing to provide the listed documents will result in rejected application. 

We do not accept applications of “Skilled Worker” visa holders from outside the SECURITY INDUSTRY.

Step 3: Attend interview 

Once you have submitted your application, if it is successful, we are more than glad to take a formal interview, you will be contacted on the email you have provided in the form. Please ensure to bring the documents listed on Step 2.

Once you have understood the steps above and feel confident to start your application please press the button below: 

Before you start, if you are not a British Citizen, make sure you have your GOV UK Share Code proving your Right to Work on hand. 

If you do not have one please obtain it from the following site: